Mohamed Mersal is an Egyptian music Producer and composer who composed the introduction songs of many radio dramas such as “Bawwab Alebara” and “Kenz Ma’moun Alma’zon” starring Mohamed Henedy, “Resala Ela Alwaily” starring Yousra, “E’trafat Khokha” starring Nelly Karim and Mohamed Farrag, and “Kamel Men Magameoh” starring Amr Saad.

Mersal also composed the musical introductions for a number of TV shows such as “Mawda wa Rahma” presented by Doctor Amr El wardany, “Helw Bas” and “Sabahak w Matrhak” presented by Ahmed Younes, “El Nas El Ozaz” presented by Doctor Medhat El Adl, and the prank show “Film Hindy ya Sandy” presented by Sandy Ali.

Mohamed Mersal had been raised by artistic family who adore music. Therefore, music found its way to his heart at an early age.

He became a professional Keyboardist at the age of 16 from then on and worked with singers like Hassan Abdel Majid, Sherif Mekkawy, Ahmed Al Attar, Mohamed Adwaya, Mai Selim, and Hossam Habib, until 2010, after which Mersal started composing his own music, namely “Battle-Zero,” “The Journey,” and “Queen of Light.”


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Phone +2023‭‭‭7957232 Mobile +201022774455

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5 Misr Helwan Agriculture Rd, Maadi Al Khabiri Al Wasti,
Maadi, Cairo Governorate
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